“Reflections” emerged from “The Fog” series so naturally, it was just the alteration of a brush and a faith in the process that allowed the technique to unfold. I have been moved by the horizon line of the ocean that gets interrupted with oil and gas rigs hovering on this massive serene body of water and the misty refinery lights on the shores that illuminate the fog and reflect off the ocean’s surface. Or there are simple reflections of light and landscape exuding calm and serenity, both ideals mirroring each other like reality and a dream.

"FOG" series is a collection of paintings I have completed in the last year from views in Oklahoma urban areas. The paintings represent a calm tranquility that exists momentarily during the days when the seasons are starting to change and the temperature variations create the mist. The feeling is colder and pastoral in a serene comforting fog that insulates the scene. These works were painted on masonite board with layers of varnish that yellows for an older "settled in" look. The landscapes pacify the stark white loud machinery of offices and homes by bringing a little of the outdoors - indoors.